Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Importance of Partnership cont...

...they valued the "partnership mentality" between a husband and wife. Even the word partner means one who shares. Sharing a life together in every area is powerful and a great example of what our partnership should be like with the Lord our King. When you are in relationship (partnership) with the Lord, Jesus Christ, you are empowered supernaturally to operate in this earth realm. God is glorified through this partnership and we are able to accomplish the purpose for which He placed us here on the earth.

The Importance Of Partnership

One of the most powerful partnerships that exist on this earth is the partnership between a husband and wife. It is wonderful to see a segment of society begin to utilize the power of this partnership.
When husbands and wives work together for a common goal, there is a much greater result than if either of them worked on a goal alone. Look at Deut.32:30 and Eccl.4:9-12. These scriptures show us how partnership multiplies the power to accomplish the purposes of those in the partnership. There is no other partnership on the earth as intimate as the partnership between a husband and wife. Marriage between a husband and wife has the blessing of God. Husbands and wives have the potential to be partners in every area of life. They can work together in their vocation, in their family life and in their relationship with each other. Society as a whole would benefit greatly if...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have come to the revelation that people who are of great benefit to the Kingdom of God are constantly under attack. The enemy knows how effective they are and tries to limit their ability to take territory for the Kingdom. So be encouraged if you are putting God's Kingdom and His righteousness first. Don't faint, keep doing what you are doing and be aware that you are on the enemy's radar!