Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Long Way
Reflecting on the story of Joseph has brought tears to my eyes. (Genesis 37-50) I think about the life journey he took getting to his destiny and purpose. God gave him a vision of what was to come at an early age. Joseph made the mistake of sharing the vision with haters. But what he did not realize was that his mistake which caused his brothers to put him in the pit was part of the master plan to get him to the palace. Joseph's journey from the pit to Potiphar's place, to prison was preparing him for the palace. Without all of those experiences, Joseph would have lacked the wisdom and maturity to carry out his purpose. Whatever you are going through right now is preparing you to take your place at your palace (place of your purpose). I cried because I was grateful for all of the things God has brought me through in preparation for the palace (poyp). Don't complain, prepare for the palace.
Recompense and Reward
There is a law in the Kingdom of God that is similar to the Law of Sowing and Reaping. This morning, while reading a devotional, I saw a perfect example of this Law of Recompense and Reward. In the book of Genesis, chapter 42, verses 21-22, it speaks of how Joseph's brothers realized that the actions they carried out against Joseph had come back upon them. Every action that we carry out has a corresponding recompense or reward. If we do something bad, we can expect a recompense. If we do something good, we can expect a reward. This is a law which corresponds with the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Every action brings about a reaction whether for good or bad. We must take these laws and apply them to our daily lives. Since the Kingdom of God is ran by God's law which is His Word, if we consider ourselves to be Kingdom citizens, we must have an understanding of these laws.