Thursday, August 28, 2014

Being Delivered From A Religious Mindset pt.3

For the past two months, we have looked at being delivered from a religious mindset and specifically at the steps we can take to be delivered.

This month, we are looking at how to know if we are dealing with a religious spirit.

I have discovered that sometimes you can be blind to a thing until God's Word reveals a truth to you regarding the thing that you were blind to. When we are dealing with people, sometimes we can be too close to a situation to be able to see it properly. So, when I give you these three examples of how to know if you are dealing with a religious spirit, don't be surprised if someone close to you in your life is described.

The first example of how to know if you are dealing with a religious spirit is if the person tries to manipulate you with their words or tries to twist your words. Matthew 22:15-46; 4:1-11 I consider manipulation to be a form of witchcraft. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated by anyone's persuasive words, the twisting of your words or being guilt ridden.

The second example is if the person is given to change. James 1:6-8 AMP verse 8 "[For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides]". If you are being led in ministry or in your family or even your workplace by someone who is given to change, you will not see progress in that area of your life because God cannot trust a person with anything when they are unstable. I see a lot of people who do things religiously but do not have a personal conviction or who lack integrity in their personal lives. Stick with people who have a conviction and actually live what they believe and say.

The last example I will share is if a person is disobedient to God's Word in an area of their life, but hard on other people in other areas. Matthew 7:3-5; Luke 6:41-42 If you focus on what God is showing you that you need to change in your life, you won't have time to be critical of others in their lives.

A great way to avoid religious spirits and to make sure you don't become religious is to keep God's purpose, His Kingdom and His righteousness first in your life. So much of the activity that people are involved in has nothing to do with God's Kingdom purpose for their lives. Matthew 6:33
Don't seek to be in bondage, but seek God first in your life and He will give you the wisdom to walk in the liberty that He has given you.