Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Homeschool Successfully When Your Supply Seems Limited

If you have ever experienced the anxiety of not knowing what to do or not having what you think you need in terms of supplies or curriculum, then this article is for you.

In this society we live in, we can be tempted to believe that we are lacking things we need based on commercials and advertisements. The world's system is a system of consumption. The problem with thinking like the world is that the commercials and advertisements are aimed at making you a consumer.

Consumers are receivers and depend upon the world's system to receive what they need. They do not produce anything. To be a successful homeschooler, you need to be a creator. Creators are not dependant on the world's system because they create what they need. When a need comes up, creators become producers, using their ability to think and imagine.
If you have been operating as a consumer, it is time to transform your way of thinking and become a creator. Romans 12:2

Do not allow yourself to be limited by what seems like a lack of supply. Your supply is based on what you are willing to create. Your only limits are those you place on yourself. Start homeschooling like a creator.

Here are a few tips to get you started thinking like a creator:

1. Spend time in prayer asking God for wisdom and creativity daily in your homeschool.

2. Spend time in the Word of God to enable yourself to receive wisdom and understanding for your day.

3. Take inventory of the things you have around you and think of creative ways to use what you have already in your possession.

4. Take advantage of the public library. Your tax dollars are already paying for it. You need to take advantage of that resource.

5. Check out local homeschool groups or co-ops to see what they offer.

6. Recognize what you have on the inside of you. Do not hesitate to create lessons, art & science projects, and even curriculum. Check to see what your state's requirements are for each student depending on their grade level and work from there.

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